Whole Cornish Cross Chicken

Indulge in the savory succulence of our pasture-raised Cornish Cross chickens, meticulously nurtured in the open fields to deliver unrivaled flavor and tenderness. Raised with care and respect for their natural instincts, enjoying a diet rich in nutrient-dense greens and wholesome grains, also being supplemented with probiotic water resulting in meat that’s exceptionally juicy and flavorful. Savor the difference of ethically raised poultry, perfect for creating memorable meals that delight the senses and nourish the soul. For each purchase 80% of proceeds go back into the community and one out of every ten chicken is donated to a family in need. Also for every ten monthly subscribers we build a hen house to expand our goal of creating large scale agricultural-based communities.

$25.00 cost for each bird. Weight of Chicken will range from 3.5lbs to 5.5lbs per whole chicken


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