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A non-profit gateway to a sustainable homestead and premium pasture raised chicken

At Mely’s Meadow, we are on a mission to change the way you think about food, farming, and community. Our passion for sustainability, delicious pasture-raised chicken, and empowering education has driven us to become your go-to resource for all things agriculture.

Meet the Heartbeats of MelysMeadow

Antony Hornberger

The Philanthropic World Traveler Changing Lives

Meet Antony Hornberger, a remarkable individual whose journey of purpose and impact has spanned continents. With a background in various degree paths at San Francisco State and UC Berkeley, Antony’s passion for environmental sustainability was ignited after dedicating over six years of his life to the United States Army.
Antony’s life took a profound turn when he left his military service in the Middle East in 2020. Instead of returning home, he chose to venture to South America to help during the Venezuelan border crisis in Cucuta, Colombia. Teaming up with local doctors, he played a crucial role in importing malaria medication and implementing life-saving reverse osmosis water systems to combat the water crisis.

However, the unexpected outbreak of an epidemic and the onset of a devastating economic crisis, coupled with widespread tyrannical martial law imposed by ELN and communist FARC factions, impeded his journey home. Antony’s story is a testament to his resilience and dedication to making a difference.

Undeterred by the challenges, Antony redirected his philanthropic efforts to East Asia, particularly the Indonesian archipelago. There, he worked closely with local vanilla bean farmers, helping them establish a cooperative to compete against the multi-level sourcing that had created a significant market gap from Madagascar to Borneo. His mission of global philanthropy now extends to his homestead outside downtown Tulsa, where he creates an environment that enables people to connect with the world’s pressing issues, such as agricultural sustainability.

Melynda Hornberger

A Compassionate Veterinary Advocate

Melynda Hornberger’s lifelong love for animals shaped her destiny and led her on an extraordinary path of compassion and healing. From an early age, she knew she was meant to be a veterinarian. Currently finishing her schooling and actively working as a veterinary technician, Melynda has dedicated her life to ensuring that animals receive the care they deserve, with a holistic and compassionate approach to their health.
Melynda’s journey has been marked by extensive research and experience, all in the pursuit of improving the lives of animals, whether they are cherished pets or destined for the dinner table. Her deep love extends to exotic animals and large creatures in general.
In the coming year, Melynda is embarking on a captivating adventure to Iceland, where she will conduct a groundbreaking study on whales and puffin birds, contributing to our understanding of these majestic beings. Her journey doesn’t stop there; she has ambitious plans to travel to Indonesia, where she will work directly with pygmy elephants, extending her reach to help animals in need around the world.
Melynda’s dedication and boundless love for animals make her a true advocate for their well-being and an inspiration to those who aspire to make the world a better place for every living being.

Mely’s Meadow is more than a non-profit; we’re a movement. We invite you to explore our website, engage with our passionate community, and embark on a journey towards a more sustainable and fulfilling life. Whether you’re a seasoned farmer or an enthusiastic beginner, you’ll find your place here. Let’s change the world, fill out our volunteer form to get started.

Mission/ Volenteer

Welcome to Mely's Meadow

Where our commitment extends far beyond the production of premium, pasture-raised chicken products. At the heart of our non-profit organization lies a profound mission — one that seeks to nurture minds, foster a deeper connection to the land, and empower individuals on their agricultural journeys. Whether you’re a seasoned farmer with years of experience or someone just beginning to explore the wonders of agriculture, Mely’s Meadow is here to guide you at every step.
Our journey is not merely about chickens; it’s a collective effort to create a community that thrives in harmony with the earth. As a beacon of knowledge and a source of inspiration, we invite you to delve into our mission and vision, where every aspect reflects our dedication to sustainability, eco-conscious practices, and the well-being of both individuals and the environment.

Mission Statement

At Mely’s Meadow, we transcend the boundaries of conventional farming. We are more than producers of premium, pasture-raised chicken products; we are an educational hub, passionately committed to empowering individuals in their agricultural pursuits. Whether you’re a seasoned farmer or embarking on your journey, we stand as a guiding light, offering resources and opportunities for growth.
In our vision of a world, every meal becomes a testament to sustainable and eco-conscious agricultural practices. Beyond our delectable chicken offerings, we aspire to be a beacon of knowledge, providing insights into sustainable farming practices, crop rotation, and expert chicken-raising tips. Our goal is to cultivate a flourishing community where individuals can thrive in their agricultural endeavors.

Vision Statement

Imagine a world where every individual, regardless of background or experience, is inspired and equipped to contribute to a sustainable and eco-conscious agricultural future. At Mely’s Meadow, we envision a community of empowered individuals, fostering a deeper connection to the land and embracing the principles of responsible farming.
We aim to be more than providers of premium, pasture-raised chicken products; we aspire to be catalysts for positive change. Through educational initiatives and a wealth of resources, our vision includes creating a network of passionate volunteers actively engaged in promoting sustainable practices. Picture a future where every volunteer is a steward of the land, contributing to a harmonious coexistence between humanity and nature.
Join us on this transformative journey toward a world where every meal is a celebration of sustainable living. At Mely’s Meadow, we are not just raising chickens; we are raising a community dedicated to flourishing in harmony with the earth.

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