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At Mely’s Meadow, we are on a mission to change the way you think about food, farming, and community. Our passion for sustainability, delicious pasture-raised chicken, and empowering education has driven us to become your go-to resource for all things agriculture.

Sustainable Agriculture

Supporting sustainable agriculture preserves the planet and secures a better future for all.

Community Empowerment

Community empowerment thrives through collective action, fostering resilience, and creating positive change.

Ethical Animal Welfare

Passionately teaching ethical animal welfare and proper husbandry skills on the farm, ensuring the well- being of both exotics and other livestock.

Educational Initiatives

The initiative educates on farming, husbandry, and sustainable agriculture, fostering a more resilient food system.


But we’re not just about chicken

Cultivating Knowledge Nurturing Growth

We’re about nurturing minds and fostering a deeper connection to the land. Our non-profit is also an educational hub, offering a wealth of resources and opportunities for you to expand your own agricultural endeavors. Whether you’re a seasoned farmer or just starting out, we’re here to guide you every step of the way. From sustainable farming practices to crop rotation and chicken-raising tips, our experts are here to help you flourish.


Welcome to a world of exceptional taste and conscientious farming!

At our farm, we prioritize t6he well-being of out Cornish cross chickens, from the moment they are hatched through the journey of natural living with no antibiotics or injections. Raising them with love and care in a pasture- based system. Each day, they roam freely on fresh pasture, allowing them to exhibit natural behaviors and ensuring they receive a diverse diet of grasses and insects. Additionally, we enhance their health by adding probiotics to their water, promoting a balanced gut microbiome and overall vitality.

Furthermore, our commitment extends beyond just raising chickens; it’s about building sustainable agricultural communities. For every 10 monthly subscribers, we invest in constructing a new hen house for a family within the Tulsa community. Expanding our capacity and fostering the growth of local farming initiatives. By empowering communities to participate in the overall goal of large-scale agricultural endeavors, we aim to create a lasting impact on both the environment and society.

Meet Our Feathered Star

Now, we know you’ve been clucking curious, so let’s spill the beans on the heart and soul of Mely’s Meadow: our Cornish Cross Chickens. These feathered friends are the real VIPs of our farm, and it’s not just because they’re some of the best-tasting birds around (although, let’s be honest, they truly are).
At Mely’s Meadow, we’re all about that “farm to table” experience. Our Cornish Cross Chickens are a testament to that commitment. Raised right here in Oklahoma with the finest ingredients, they live the good life – no antibiotics, no coccidiosis injections. From the moment they hatch, they’re treated like poultry royalty. We’ve got a secret weapon in our chicken arsenal: a special probiotic blend and nutrient balancer mixes to keep them strutting through every stage of their growth and development.
But here’s the clucking punchline – all that dedication on our end results in an unforgettable flavor once these birds hit the grill. It’s the kind of flavor that’ll have you saying, “I never knew chicken could taste this good!” And it doesn’t stop there; your body gets the full nutrient profile it deserves.

Cornish Cross Chicken – Cluckin’ Delicious!

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Mingle With The Animal A-Listers At Mely's Meadow

Now, if you thought our chickens were the life of the party, just wait until you meet our four-legged, furry, and fainting friends!

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And here’s the best part: you can be a part of our animal-loving community! Each one of our amazing animals can be sponsored through your generous donations to our non-profit. Help us continue to care for these fantastic creatures and, in return, receive personalized monthly updates on their antics and adventures. It’s like being their official fan club president!

So, whether you’re a chicken connoisseur, a mule enthusiast, or simply want to add a dose of fun to your day with fainting goats, Mely’s Meadow has the animal ensemble to put a smile on your face. Join the barnyard brigade, and let’s make memories together! 🐾💕

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Melynda Hornberger

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Mely’s Meadow is more than a non-profit; we’re a movement. We invite you to explore our website, engage with our passionate community, and embark on a journey towards a more sustainable and fulfilling life. Whether you’re a seasoned farmer or an enthusiastic beginner, you’ll find your place here. Let’s change the world, one pasture-raised chicken at a time!
Discover the taste of sustainable farming and the joy of nurturing your own agricultural dreams with Mely’s Meadow.

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